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Educreation (estd. 2011) is premium destination for emerging authors to self publish books in India. We are the only Self Publishing House in India that gives you all the Liberty of Self Publishing your books, retrieving Maximum Royalty on Print on Demand Copies, finding its Worldwide Availability on online channels along with an opportunity of Complete Traditional Distribution of your self published book to major physical book stores and retailers across India.

We accept Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Poetry books in Hindi & English.

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Self Publish Books India

What is Self Publishing

Self Publishing, like the traditional publishing is a way to publish and release your book, but the difference is the approach and methodology followed. While traditional publishing approaches with the bulk printing and distribution, self publishing gives you tools and services to keep book on Print on Demand basis, i.e. it is produced as per demand.

How Self Publishing Model works

Self Publishing works with Print on demand model. We produce only the limited number of copies on starting stage. Keep it distributed and available with our channels and look for an order to be received. As soon as the amount is recurred from the order we again produce copies and fulfill the order, in this way, self publishing works with Print on Demand.

Who are leaders in Self Publishing

In India, number of self publishing companies emerged trending since, 2011, Educreation is the key role player as one of the best self publishing company since the same time, initially we were accepting titles only from research, innovation and scientific motivation genre, but from 2015 we are now open for all.

Our Self Publishing Services

Educreation provides you with the self publishing services, including premium cover design, content designing, ISBN and allocates worldwide distribution of your print and eBook. We ensure Maximum share as a royalty to authors on all self published books.


What Experts Says About Self Publishing

"Our self publishing packs are much more cost efficient and are of high service worth than other market companions. Meanwhile, the printing standards of all our books are also of highest quality standards. Educreation is capable of standing with each and every needs of our authors, right from their first book to making them a famous author."

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