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Educreation (estd. 2011) is premium self publishing house and leading self publishing company in India for emerging authors to self publish books in India. We are the only Self Publishing House in India that gives you Liberty on Self Publishing your books, 100% Royalty on Print on Demand Copies, Worldwide Availability on Print & eBook to 100+ Countries in 39,000+ Locations.

We accept Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic & Poetry books in Hindi & English.

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Gain an experience of smooth publishing flow with packages from Just Rs.24,999 for your book.


Find Unbelievable Print On Demand Lifetime Inventory on International Print Quality for your books.

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Within 10 to 15 Days only, your book will be ready for distribution to 100+ countries as print and eBook.


Get a dedicated Project flow while publishing and a caring post-publishing support once released.

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With Educreation, You get Largest Self Publishing Distribution Chain

When you self publish your book with Educreation, it is published in both Paperback and eBook (most advanced print replica) and gets available in all the leading online retailers and shops across the world in 100+ Countries to 39,000+ Locations. We provide Ingram Partnered Distribution as well as can also take your book to physical bricks and mortar Book Stores in India to 50+ Book Stores across over 20 cities.

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  What is Self Publishing ?

Self Publishing, like the traditional publishing is a way to publish and release your book, but the difference is the approach and methodology followed. While traditional publishing approaches with the bulk printing and distribution, self publishing gives you tools and services to keep book on Print on Demand basis, i.e. it is produced as per demand.

Self-publishing can never be a substitute for traditional publishing. In traditional publishing, the production, marketing and all responsibilities of books are taken up by publisher, whereas in case of self publishing, it completely lies with the author.

 When to Select Self Publishing ?

Authors are suggested to go with self publishing, only if they believe that they may take book promotion/ marketing on their own or else if they have enough fund which they can provide to self publishing companies for the same or else if they need books only for their personal circulation. Many of the self published authors were successful in selling thousands of copies, whereas many failed sell even a single copy.

 How Self Publishing Model works ?

Self Publishing works with Print on Demand model. In PoD model, only a limited number of copies are produced by using the help of digital printers, which ensure that there are no bulk investments required to print and make available the books. Thus, the initial investments in PoD are much lower as compared with offset printing model.

However once it comes to single copy price, in PoD, the printing cost with digital printers is higher. However, for our self published books we try to keep this margin as low as possible.

  Our Self Publishing Services

Since 2011, number of self publishing companies has emerged in India. Educreation is the key role player and also one of the best self publishing companies since the same time. Educreation provides you with the self publishing services, including premium cover design, content designing, editing, ISBN, copyright, author website, social book launch setup, and allocates worldwide distribution & 100% royalty. Book launch event support is also provided to authors.

Stand out of Queue, Select leaders of Self Publishing in India

There may be thousand of self-publishing houses, but to get the best, you have to choose the best. You may choose any self publishing company in India to release your book, but once its comes to quality, genuine prices, honest commitments and an efficient self publishing service to self publish your book, then Educreation Publishing is the one-stop destination for your book.

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Educreation (estd. 2011) have till now helped hundreds of authors to live their dreams, to publish their books, to make a wisdom and to achieve a glory.

Having manuscript, what are you waiting for, get it published as your first book! Get it Published from Educreation. Give wings to your words by the convenient process of self publishing your book in India with Educreation.


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Leader in Self Publishing Books in India

"To give more opportunity to writers, Educreation Publishing, a leader in self publishing books in India, has created a platform '' that can be used by any emerging authors to self publish their books in a professional way."

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"Self-Publishing can indeed be a wise decision, if authors have the capability of marketing their own books or else they have a fund to be used for marketing purpose. You will find two significant difference between traditional and self publishing; first, the responsibility of marketing and second, the production cost. Once it comes to the Self Publishing sector, Educreation is the first preferred choice for emerging Indian authors on the aspect of services and genuine prices."

- Ankur Tiwari, CO-Founder & CEO
  Educreation Publishing

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