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Educreation (estd. 2011) is premium book publishing house and leading publishing company in India for emerging authors to publish books in India. We are the only Traditional Publishing House in India that accepts new authors and publishes their books with Worldwide Availability on Print & eBook to 100+ Countries in 39,000+ Locations.

We accept new authors willing to publish Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic & Poetry books.

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We are Book Publisher and Seller.

Book Publication

We provide dedicated publishing to accepted manuscripts. Authors may submit script for review.


You may browse our published book catalogue. All books are of International Print Quality.


You may see family of Educreation Publishing Group Authors with whome we have worked.

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You may see pictures of book launch events, gatherings and functions organized throughout India.

Where you can find Educreation Published books, answer is Everywhere with our

Largest Distribution Chain

Largest Publishing Distribution Chain for Books

Educreation Publishing books are made available in both Paperback and eBook (most advanced print replica) and gets available in all the leading online retailers and shops across the world in 100+ Countries to 39,000+ Locations. We also list books to Ingram Partnered Distribution as well as can also take your book to physical bricks and mortar Book Stores in India to 1,500+ Book Stores across over 75+ cities.

Know, how books are made available for Readers

Traditional Publishing Vs. Self Publishing

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  What is Traditional Publishing ?

Traditional Publishing is an approach where the publishing and distribution remain the prime responsibility of publisher. The authors justs submits a manuscript to publisher and the rest work is done by publisher.

  What is Self Publishing?

When publishers declines to publish the book of any author or else author decides to publish it himself/ herself, it is known as self publishing, i.e. publishing of a book by author on his or her own efforts.

  What are self publishing companies ?

Self Publishing companies are generally a small start-ups (may be of just one room) which provides authors with the cover, interior printing and distribution services.

  What is Educreation Publishing

Educreation Publishing is an innovative traditional publisher which gives chance to first time and new authors to publish and make their book available. We are not the self publishing company but a publisher that supports new authors.

Stand out of Queue, Select leaders of Book Publishing in India

Educreation books always Stand out of Queue, there may be thousand of traditional and self-publishing houses, but to get the best, you have to choose the best. You may easily choose any publishing company in India for your needs, but once its comes to quality, genuine prices, honest commitments and an efficient service, then Educreation Publishing is the one-stop destination for your book.

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Educreation (estd. 2011) have till now helped thousands of authors to live their dreams, to publish their books, to make a wisdom and to achieve a glory.

Educreation believes in giving wings to words of authors to reach their readers by the convenient process of publishing, printing and marketing book in India.


We accept new author and publish their books. We are reviewed by National Media Houses as

Leader in Publishing Books in India

"To give more opportunity to writers, Educreation Publishing, a leader in publishing books in India, has created a platform '' that can be used by any emerging authors to publish their books in a professional way."

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"At Educreation Publishing we always believes in quality of books and in giving chance to emerging authors to publish their books and live their dreams. We believes in supporting the dreams of young eyes who wishes of being published meanwhile also ensuring quality contents to readers. Currently we have one of the largest book distribution network in the world for paperback and eBooks."

- Ankur Tiwari, Chief Business Officer
  Educreation Publishing

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