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Abdulrazak Aralimatti

Abdulrazak Aralimatti, an Indian English Poet hailing from Vijaypur, Karnataka, India, is the author of voice of an unaccomplished soul, the english poets of vijaypur city --- an anthology and the present collection voice of an accomplishing soul. His paternal grandmother's tragical death, the 'Well Tragedy' where he fortunately survives in early childhood and father's tragical death, had a great impact on his life which turned him totally towards Godward and spirituality. Though he couldn't fair well in his early life on account of high level of emotions and Iimagination; he managed to fill the gap in his thirties. Twenty years of teaching experience as an English language faculty, life's lesson, intuition, spiritual and humanitarian cravings and a desire to accomplish in life lead to the exposure of innate poetic skills and literary accomplishments. Enjoys the popularity of being amongst the top poets on Poemhunter and the first poet from Vijaypur to receive life membership from The Poetry Society ( India ).

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