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Abraham Verghese

Dr. Abraham Verghese, Ph. D, Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, London is a naturalist with special interest in insects and birds. He has published over 300 research papers in national and international journals and more than 500 popular articles as a free-lancer. His book on “Watching Insects” (available online) published in 2015 is very popular. Besides being a research scientist he has been editor for several life science journals. Dr. Verghese is a recipient of several awards like DBT commercialization award, AusAID award, Gold Medals for Master’s and Ph. D, etc. He has visited 27 countries, and has guided 19 post graduates and doctoral students. As a scientist under Indian Council of agricultural Research Dr. Verghese has extensively travelled through rural India, and has been fascinated by the ordinary, yet complex life and culture that are evolving in villages. Rural life in Kerala, a south Indian state has always fascinated him. His parents hailed from rural Kerala, though he grew up in the city of Bangalore. This novel is an outcome of Dr. Verghese’s social research mainly through information gathering of rural life, set in a fictitious village Nedumanoor, in south Kerala.

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