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Akanksha Gautam

If you do what you love you will never walk a day in your life. I think people who are creative are luckiest people on earth. To have unlimited unconditional love from my parents Mr. Sushil Gautam and Mrs. Anjana Gautam I was born on January 22nd, 1997 in a small town Sihora near Jabalpur district. I always tried to give my best and I was lucky enough to find my way, this is my last year to become a law graduate and complete B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) from Rani Dravite University, Jabalpur. Thoughts are the most beautiful things in the world and to Pen down it makes me happy like no other things can. I love to follow my dreams and my family have always supported me to do so. I am grateful to my uncle Mr. Sanjay Gautam, Mr. Sunil Gautam and my aunty Mrs. Anita Gautam to guide me. I always try to be energetic, happy and positive in every aspect of my life as taught by my brother Ankit Gautam. Just do what you love, and this is what I am doing

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1. Sukoon Hai Meri Maa (Non-Fiction) View Store

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