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Amal C Dev

Though born in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Amal. C. Dev has witnessed and experienced cultures and philosophies of people of various states and places of India as well as abroad. This might be the reason why his writings have been an amalgamation of various elements, ideas, philosophies, theologies, and mythologies. He has written and directed plays of various sorts for a range of events, especially that of academic and literary nature. The Wanderer, Rebellious Rivulet...!, And... So... They Celebrated, Hole In Heaven...!, Stubborn Stone...? et cetera have been just a few examples of the same. In his plays, he seems to adopt the style of storytelling through traditional Story-Teller-Characters. While narrating the story the storyteller calls upon various constituents of nature to relate the story. Thus, the theme gets incorporated with the very nature itself and gives a nature-filled, fantasy-filled and mystery-filled milieu. Besides Dramatic works, he has other Literary works in English – such as– Bye, Bye, Butterfly, The Respectable Donkey, My Last Cup of Whisky..., A Literary Analysis of the Existential Crisis, Rooster Coops in The White Tiger et cetera... Love and Loss, nostalgia, self-acceptance, rudeness of realities, critical analysis, and scientific temper seem to be flowing in the veins of words, sentences, phrases, and expressions of his writings.

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