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Amit Soni

Amit Soni is a passionate young author from Ranchi. He has recently completed his Bachelor degree in Arts. He loves to teach children and narrate the stories written by various authors. His unusual childhood and a broken love in his young hood brought him in the writing world and gave him words to write. It took two and half years to complete his first and a phenomenal book Woodland – A Story of Dream Hunters. He perceives his writing differently and believes in speaking less and writing more. He strongly believes that his book contains the ability to take the reader to a different and passionate world. His words are inspiring for all type of people. He hopes that this book inspires the people who do different work and struggle their entire life and chase their dream. The book helps the people in making decisions and helps them recognize their true love.

Books Released

1. Woodland - A Story of Dream Hunters (Fiction) View Store

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