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Anukriti Govind Sharma

Anukriti is a trained yogini and specializes in one-on-one practice in order to best understand the needs of her students, and to facilitate healing on all levels of existence. Trained under Samagra Yog Sadhana Evam Anusandhan Sansthan founder - Dr. Awadhesh Kr. Sharma, from the Hatha Yoga tradition - Anukriti's understanding and practice of Yoga is rooted in Shiva or Adiyogi's Yogic principles. It is through the application of these Yogic principles and Patanjali's Yoga Sutra that she endeavors to empower her students to take responsibility for their actions, to make mindful decisions about day-to-day matters of their lives, to address the root cause of their problems and to focus on internal healing and transformation. In the past she has worked extensively with the YouTube channel Live Vedic (Alternative Medicine & Remedies), where she has hosted several seasons of shows on Yoga, Alternative Therapies and Natural Home Remedies. Amongst other things Anukriti is also an actor, television anchor, fitness model and a YouTube (founder of online fitness and lifestyle brand "MISFIT MOJO", on YouTube). She has also worked with preschoolers and differently abled children. Anukriti teaches Yoga in Hyderabad, India and organizes regular Yoga retreats all over the country.

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