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Dr. Arti B. Samarth, Associate Professor and Head of P.G. Home Economics Department in Nevjabai Hitkarini College, Bramhapuri. Dist.- Chandrapur has work experience of 35 years. Actually came across the 'real work' from academic background, a general education at Nagpur University of B.Sc. B.Ed. in Biology and Master Degree is in Home Economics while working as a Science Teacher in Higher Secondary School, this revealed work in Higher Education in Humanities. The training as a scientist made a learner, so research degree M. Phil. in Human Development aware the importance of curiosity and learned that experimentation was not feasible in human sciences in which the act of research or inquiring as a part of a helping process, was intervening in and rather than observing. As a scientist, the observing, documenting and trying made sense of experiences in a domain of 'good science' such as in human arena still Darwinian stage of observing, documenting and trying various concepts and theories, while it is needed a master set of interrogative concept that explain it all, which is the bests and use observations of various experiences as 'conclusions' and current hypotheses to be discarded or accepted, help to elaborate to the next generation of observers and sense makers. Thus, the 'helping process' works can be spirit as 'what should do when trying to help'. Thus, PG/master level teaching broaden interactive and reporting/documenting by practicing humble inquiry as' the fine art of drawing something out based on curiosity and interest in persons and their responses. This process has worked as scholar so far that award of Doctorate and many awards from National /International Organizations i.e. Great Achiever, Bharat Gaurv, Manav Bhushan, Adarsh Shikshika and Asia pacific Achiever etc.

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