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Ashok Varma

Ashok Varma got the degree of petroleum engineering in 1977 from Indian School of Science and started his business life at the age of 37 in 'Oil and Natural Gas Corporation'. He worked at various positions and in various places in O.N.C.G. He lived in small towns of Assam, Gujraj and Andhra Preadesh as well as metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. He also got chance to visit petroleum fields in abroad while working at O.N.C.G. He has been very much interested in Hindi literature. He started publishing of a departmental magazine in Russia in his Tenure of post. Later on he started the same in Andhra Pradesh. "Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya" is his first Fiction book in Hindi.

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1. Kaun Apna, Kaun Paraya? (Fiction) View Store

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