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Atul Chandra Sarkar

Philosopher, Sociologist and Formerly Advisor (Legal & Industrial Relations), UPRVUNL Atul Chandra Sarkar is by profession an Advocate, a Blogger with Times of India online 'Speaking tree' but a Poet by heart. Guest Faculty and author of a voluminous commentary on 'The Right to Information Act, 2005' he has over a hundred poems to his credit online apart from Paperback Anthologies. He never sits down to compose a poem on any particular subject. In fact, poems flow out impromptu from his pen as tears from an over-whelmed happy or shattered heart. More emphatically touched by the most ordinary things around him and the diverse facets of Nature he bleeds poetry. His poems are interwoven with Nature and philosophy and laced with faith and hope. About haikus he aptly says that, "a short kiss says all, timelessness of a brief moment, passion, sensation, affection, the so every day, simple, serene, the essence of all that is beautiful, the nicety of the pithy that touches the heart straight in the midst of Nature, forever changing her costumes. That's all what a haiku is about."

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1. Droplets of Emotions - An Anthology of Haikus (Poetry) View Store

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