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Ayyampalayam Raghavendra Rao

Ayyampalayam Raghavendra Rao is first banker by profession and next emerged as a writer. He gathered all ideas and experiences carefully shared in savings bank account which accumulated with interest over the years, eventually made into fixed deposit after his retirement. Now, he is slowly drawing interest on his fixed deposit as byproducts by brining out collection of short stories and novels. ARR is dynamic, energetic and has good command over English but adopts simple and easy style. He is a keen observer, smart with creative thinking and young at heart. Most of his stories are drawn on human values and traditions which are very much relevant in today's life. They reflect true life situations mixed with humour and suspense. His descriptions of heroines and lady characters in all his stories are an eyesore to many. Each story has a message to the readers. His thought process takes place in different dimensions in weaving the storyline. He is also a voracious reader of English novels written by reputed authors. His knowledge on crime, police cases, legal matters and medical is highly commendable. Nowadays a new breed of writers are emerging and I have no doubt that ARR will be a trend setter. P.Rajabhushana Rao, Chief Manager (SBI) Retd.

Books Released

1. Not The Girl Next Door! - A Romantic Novel (Non-Fiction) View Store
2. It All Changes in An Instant - A Romantic Novel (Fiction) View Store
3. Love Thy Angels On Earth : A Romantic Novel (Non-Fiction) View Store
4. If One Door Closes, Another Door Opens (Non-Fiction) View Store

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