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B Kamalakkannan

The author was born in a village near Yangoon in Myanmar on 2nd June 1932 to Bashyam Pilaai a Sundarambal, native of Tamil Nadu and settled in Myanmar. His father was an agriculturist. During World War II, he came as a refugee to his grandmother's house at Pondicherry in July 1942. He studied in Calve College at Pondicherry from 1942 and passed Matriculation in the year 1951. During this period he took active part in the students' congress for the freedom of Pondicherry from the French rulers. After independence, his service in the freedom movement was recognized by the Government of Pondicherry and an honorary pension is granted to me till date. In the year, 1954 he entered the Government service in the Revenue Department of Tamil Nadu as a clerk and rose up to the level of Deputy Collector and retired from service on 30th June 1990. He is receiving pension till date from the Government of Tamil Nadu. During his service in various Districts of Tamil Nadu, he had the opportunity of getting enunciation from a mystic by name Arumugam Pillai at Pudukkottai in the year 1965. He is meditating for the past 52 years and had attained certain stages by the grace of his Guru and God. He is doing research in the poems of 'Siddars', and many mystics for the past 52 years. He has written and published 27 books in Tamil, 1 in English and 3 more books will be published shortly.

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1. The Path of Universal Brotherhood (Non-Fiction) View Store

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