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Chaitanya Niphadkar

Dr. Chaitanya Niphadkar, spiritual name SriKrishna Chaitanya, also referred to as Dr. Krishna, born in a Deshastha Marathi Brahmin family (Gotra: Gautam; a Maharishi among the Saptarishi(s), meaning seven, in the Spiritual Sky) and a life member of ISKCON has proven expertise in preaching Hindu Holy shastras, meaning scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita in particular and carrying the message of God, across the Globe. A thorough professional within the scope of people management or Human Resources (HR) that covers Human Resources Development (HRD) and Human Resources Management (HRM), Leadership, Learning & Development (L&D), Training and Development (T&D) and Organizational studies more particularly, Organizational Development (OD) interventions and Organizational Behaviour (OB). Dr. Niphadkar has contributed in the strategy and decision making along with the senior management team on several occasions. His profile is a blend of academic as well as professional roles, displaying leadership, not just in India but across various nations. Research and publications: His book 'Building Organizational Leadership' published worldwide is available on Flipkart, Amazon and various online portals. His writings are published on various platforms that include international journals, e-magazines and online mediums. Academic Associations: The main supervisor for PhD and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at the Open University of Mauritius (OU). The role and responsibilities are equal to an Associate Professor that mainly focuses on lecturing for MBA, PhD / DBA students and supervising their dissertations. Additionally, he is the Head of OD and a 'Leadership mentor ' at the National School of Leadership (NSL), India, on honorary grounds. He is also a member of the Doctoral Committee both at OU and NSL and his role precisely involves teaching and research as well as doctoral supervisions on international standards.

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