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My name is Chakri and you are just reading my first book which stuffed with my feelings, my life and specially all my sadness that I had and I'm experiencing in my life. OK! Know about myself before starting this journey. I'm 17 years lonely sad boy born on 26-2-2001 in South India. Born as poor but never die as same. From my small age as I'm interested in writing poems and song lyrics which made me like this. I want to thank to my special friend who had given me a purpose as I'm writing this story cause of her. And this book contains all my 16 years fiction and nonfiction life experience which includes all my failures and success till now. And I had lived all those 16 lonely years away from home, which made me to write this book for you all. I know many of you had spent the lonely days and nights, same as I had and having. So I think this story is not only about my life, It's even about all of us. I'll be with you in this journey and keep supporting me through.... facebook @ *Chakri Walker* Please leave the comment of which part you loved.

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