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Chandrashekhar Malvi

Dr Chandra Shekhar Malvi obtained title 'Dr' after doing PhD from University of Leeds, UK in Solar Energy. Currently, he is a Professor at Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior. He did mechanical engineering from SATI, Vidisha and Master of Technology from MA NIT, Bhopal. Dr Malvi is the recipient of MP Young Scientist Award-2004, Outstanding Young Person Award, Best teacher award. During his 20 years experience in teaching, administration and research he has authored about 50 journals/conferences papers and received various research project grants. Hindi poems, watching movies and drama are his hobbies. Since, 30 years he has written hindi poetry, short stories and novels. But 'Baaten' is his first published book. He gave his voice as Hindi 'Audio Description' in 'My Name is Khan' and 'Veer' at UK. He wrote and directed a musical drama 'Ram Ki Shakti Puja'. He is associated with 'RangKutumb natya sanstha', Gwalior. His two books are in line to publish 'tumhe kab tak puakarun' and 'tum ho hi nahin. His writing style is common man hindi tukbandi which includes feelings and story. This first publish book again in the form of poem; but if you wish to enjoy a novel than read from the beginning to end to sense a story.

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