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Divyangna Trivedi

Divyangna Trivedi is the youngest legal author in the world. She started writing on law since the age of 12. Her first book was an online blogger which was based on terrorism. She aspires to become the Chief justice of India one day. Divyangna has a lot of following on sites like Linkedin, Quora and Google. She is a school student currently but she had commenced to study law right from the age of 7 years. She has an experience of winning State level debates and is outspoken. In her books she makes an attempt to safeguard the purity of Indian laws and tells about the positive aspect of our society. Her compilations do not include any kind of defamation but they are only based on the integrity of India. The author has been awarded with the honorary distinguished membership at International Council of Jurists, LONDON. She has attended conferences right from the beginning of her teenage. She compiled this book in 4 days. Her interests are diverse such as, shooting, singing, writing, reading and a lot more. She has addressed Navy chief , AVSM PVSM Mr. Sunil Lanba. Divyangna has a a set of credentials which are impressive. Her favorite topics on law are, Criminal law, International terrorism and Torts. The young mind holds a lot of passion towards law and is aiming to work for the society in whatsoever way she can. Her books are totally based on reality and are lawful which is the reason they bring up the interest of the readers. You can follow her on Linkedin, Twitter, Quora or mail her at

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