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Ganesh Prasad Budholiya Shastri

I am blessed to be blessed that I have made me worthy of the devotional education of the devout Father, Mr. Oudhad Narayan Budhulia and Bhagvad Paryana Pujya Nitya Smt. Ramshree Devi, giving me full education and education, that today I reach the rank of Sanskrit lecturer in the education world and thousands Students could be made virtuous In addition to imparting education in his educational life, he considered his work educational institution as a temple to be devoted to his devotion, and as a result, the best teacher award from the Government of Human Resource Development, Government of India, "President Teacher Honor", His Excellency Mr. Abdul Kalam. Received in 2004 by the Taxes of G.In the scouting / guidance, the distinction of receiving nation-level / state-level honors is achieved. Through the multi-faceted medium of education, students have been encouraged to pursue education as well as become the medium of qualitative development. With the help of his education, Yoga and Naturopathy were promoted through the entire state and made the State President's head in the committee. For the promotion of the interests of the employees of the state, the Chhattisgarh Employees Union (Govt. Has been recognized by the Government) has taken over many achievements. Due to his contributions from time to time to the Brahmin society also, the social institution Akhil Bharatiya Brahman Samaj was given the responsibility of working on the state president. In this way, the father and the Guru took the responsibilities received by making the Phyahnuragya and received full support of Mrs. Sushila Budhula in the discharge of her family obligations. Son Sanat Kumar Budhalia, Pradumn Kumar Budhalia, Daughter, Smt. Aruna Durwar, Being obedient and cultured, our life is being spent on serving and serving others.

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1. Aadikavya Aur Bauddh Sahitya - Ramayan Avam Jatak Kathayen (Non-Fiction) View Store

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