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Hazira Tabaz

Born in a crooked society and the first women in my family to graduate, B.Ed., and employed as a science teacher in reputed school @ Vellore district (Tamil Nadu) Craze with melodious romantic music and dance People shorten my name Hajeera Tabassum as Haju by which casually everyone call me I enjoyed leisure time in cooking and painting Also, I never let my mind to be free Passion to learn something innovatively in everything may be this is one reason for me to write a book, a true story about my life. I failed to put forward myself in many golden opportunities because of certain difficult situation (Plight) and most often I forgive the people and never opposed them for their wrong deeds but still racing around the world to come up and scuffle for my virtue and consent I adore each day like there is no tomorrow_#Hazira Tabaz

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1. The Plight of My Life - True Confessed (Non-Fiction) View Store

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