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Indal Prasad Khatik

There is a birthplace in Katni, the heart of India. Educational Qualification- Bachelor - Degree in Commerce, Law, Master - Political Science. Advocated in 1988–1992. In 1993, I had the opportunity to serve in the State Warehousing Corporation. Discharged the responsibility of Manager at Branch-Beohari, Daundi. Other published books - Dhan ka vigyan, sunahara jivan, Gagan Bhedi Teer, sharmai hui hai shabnam.

Books Released

1. Sunahara Jivan - Golden Life (Fiction) View Store
2. Dhan Ka Vigyan (Fiction) View Store
3. Jal ki Aas - Kya Aap Sadev Paripurna Jal Chahte Hain? (Fiction) View Store

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