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Jhanvi Charkhawala

Myself Jhanvi Charkhawala, a sixteen year old student who loves dancing and writing. People have set a sort of stereotypic thoughts about me that I am that student who always just love studying and do never enjoy life. They think that I am just making a crap out of my life. But no one knows that I enjoy my life by writing and writing is the first true love of my life. I wrote my first poem when I was just 10 when I wanted to say sorry to my mom. No one then, knew that I will continue further to write these poems and I just wrote for the topics which were given to me for speaking in assemblies and other functions of school. But somehow, while writing for those, I, a sort of, fell in love with writing. First, I wrote for others and then I started writing for myself, my passion. I wrote about the incidences occurring around me, with me, with my friends and who all I met in day to day life. I just wrote for myself but as we all know that some stories inspire us in a very different way and same way I was inspired by two great storytellers and those are Savi Sharma and Durjoy Datta. The stories that how they came up by their own and shared what they thought with the public at large inspired me to write and make out the best of the hidden talent discovered by others in me. And I hope that I am able to inspire at least one or two people, this much would also mean a lot to me.

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1. Shades of Love-Common Love Stories in An Uncommon Way..! (Poetry) View Store

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