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Kara Bijay

Basically he is a fiction writer, novelist and writes short stories in ORIYA. All his works contains greater social values, love and a realm of realities of human life. His affluent works in ORIYA brought him some goodwill though not he was successful in his endeavors due to lack of financial capability. He is a post graduate in commerce and got into his family pharmacy business since thirty-five years. But due to the large joint family he couldn't be well off financially. He went on struggling throughout his career. During this long span of period of desperation he could notice the political situation in India is at stake, crimes and corruption dominated the country's system and brought misery to the common people which inspired him to write ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY to raise the voice against crimes, corruptions, kickbacks and above all a faulty capitalistic economy. Ultimately a Socio-Communistic revolution broke out, that could transform the country and a considerable reformation which brought in major reformations in the entire system, economic system, education system, administrative system and ultimately a considerable Reformation made in the Constitution could help to establish a most transparent economy which could bring back the entire black money stashed in off shore banks that could help the government in developing the infrastructure and digitization across the country. This is a semi-fiction that contains facts about notorious scams and kickbacks took place during the previous government. This is his first book in English and he put all his efforts to create an awareness among the people of the country against all sorts of things which is happening all across the country.

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1. Absolute Transparency - Revolution a Destination to Transparency (Non-Fiction) View Store

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