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Kaushik Chaudhary

Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary, born in 1988, is an enlightened mystic and a dental surgeon in Gujarat. At the age 23, Dr. Chaudhary went through intense spiritual realizations and experienced the integral science of the existence. Coincidently, Dr. Kaushik had been a scholar in physics too during his schooling years. So, when he narrated the truth of existence that he realized, the language of narration was of modern science. He made the modern science, developing from five hundred years and Indian spiritualism, already developed from five thousand years, one thing in his maiden English book 'It's not a Creation, It's a Projection through Expression.' The book was launched by then Chief minister of Gujarat state and became available in 150 countries of the globe. In September 2015, the press release saying Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary as the first philosopher of the world to present world's first ever integral theory of universe had got 86000 news headlines within a day in USA. Dr. Kaushik has also written a famous and revolutionary column names 'Projector' in the leading Gujarati daily 'Gujarat Samachar'. Presently, he is writing articles independently on social media and inspiring a huge fan following for betterment of the civilization.

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1. Aa Sarjan Nathi, Aa Chhe Abhivyaktinu Prakshepan (Non-Fiction) View Store

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