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Kaushik Gorai

Kaushik Gorai, a management student now working as a research analyst. Since a young age he had his sights set on being an entrepreneur for the sole purpose of earning money and make a fortune, being a writer was never a profession on his list to do in life. Extremely money oriented and trying to break through the mediocre life and stepping into luxury was the purpose he carried in his life. In the past few years due to many fortunate events occurring in his life, he realized that he had more to give to this world rather than be a selfish money chaser. Being a humble, modest, straightforward person retaining his sense of humor his views changed drastically which made him lose friends and strained relationships on the way, but he was concerned about the broader picture, looking around and observing people suffering due to problems they created themselves due to their own decisions, he understood the power of having a correct mindset in life.Trying to reignite kindness and humanity in the heart and soul of every human being, promoter of happiness and spreading it around the world is the considered as his first motive. This book is just the first step towards achieving that goal.Working towards the future with just one promise that story telling will get better, messages deeper and thoughts cleaner. Author's message : Grab hold of your mind, that's the most important thing in life to succeed.

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1. Heart and Soul - A Frantic Adventure of Intertwined Spiritual and Love Life (Fiction) View Store

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