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K K Sinha

Mr. K K Sinha is a dynamic personality he is a Motivational Speaker, Marketing Trainer and Social Worker. He is a very inspiring trainer and empowering people to realize their own potential. Thousands of people were benefited from his training all over the world. Mr. KK Sinha is also a renowned Social Worker. He is working for a NGO since 2004. And he has changed many lives. His positive attitude and public relation skill can touch the people’s heart and teach them to grow their life and achieve their life goals. He has providing his training classes through his website kksinhadotcom and also all training videos are available on his YouTube channel in the name of KK SINHA Motivational Speaker. Approx. 100k+ followers are benefited from his YouTube channel. His Training Programs are: 1. Leadership Edge: Online two-month revolutionary training program. 2. Leadership & Motivation Conclave: One day motivational workshop. 3. Students Leadership and Motivation Conclave: Free motivational workshop for students

Books Released

1. Aap Amir Banna Chahte Hai (Academic) View Store

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