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Kranti Kumar Soren

Trying to live by Benjamin Franklin's words "If you don't want to be forgotten as soon as you're dead, either do things worth writing or write things worth reading." A hardcore Jamshedpurian in a lot of aspects and a little more, where i was born and brought up. An army kid brat in the truest sense I then moved to Bhubaneshwar for higher secondary and then Kolkata and eventually Bangalore for graduation. After working in an IT company for only six months I realised I was meant for something else and after quitting my job when I had literally no money to even buy lunch, found my true calling in story-telling. Currently wearing the entrepreneur badge with pride and residing in the small town of Rairangpur where I own a gym and to be completed studio. Dreamer, ambivert and observant by nature. Also been called "artistic, ingenious, multi-talented, narcissistic, unconventional ,exuberant and weird" when asked my best friends to describe me in one word..

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