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Krishnakant Srivastava

The author has been teaching Physics for the last thirty years in D.B.S. College, the leading institution of Kanpur South in Uttar Pradesh. At present, he is Associate Professor. During this span of teaching, he has presented and published a number of national and international research papers, written textbooks on different topics of Physics and provided guidance to students as a research supervisor.He devised innovative methods of teaching wherein he endeavoured to entwine academic learning with Ethical preaching to upgrade the diminishing interest of students for educational knowledge. He started taking extra classes to explain the student’s basic values of education, which combines both knowledge of subject and Ethical insight. In these classes, well-known but forgotten short stories with moral lessons and ethical contents, transmitted orally from generation to generation or available in scattered print, were told to the students. This attempt deeply influenced the psychological make-up of students who began to imbibe the qualities of sincerity, responsibility, spirit of enquiry, self-discipline and dutifulness. These positive changes stood witness to the fact that Author's efforts have been successful. A compilation of folk stories and memoirs presented in his lectures are being presented here in the form of a book titled Aatmabodh, with the hope that it may inculcate positivism in its readers to overcome the challenges of the real world. Optimistically, these stories may also help to develop harmonious choices of behaviour, which govern the upward movement of humanity at large.

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