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Kshitij Singh

Kshitij Singh, born in the year 2004, is a 13 year old student who studies in Hartmann College, Bareilly, India. As a pastime, he writes relevant poetry on topics of social concern such as Poverty, soldiers et cetera. He finds his inspiration in the works of R.K. Narayan because the legendary Indian novelist had the innate capability of searching into the abyssal of the oceans of human emotions and blending them into words on paper. He believes in true spirituality that enlightens a person and has written such poems in his book. Kshitij is also an ardent soccer fanatic and has written a lot of poetry on soccer. He is greatly fascinated by the lives of sportsperson and considers sportsmanship to be a very strong quality. He has a huge appetite for reading books and analyzing soccer games. He emphasizes on the significance of the present as it will only yield a better tomorrow.

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1. Horizon - Achieving the Unattainable (Poetry) View Store

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