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Kumar Kaushik

Kumar kaushik is a novelist, poet and lyricist of the modern era, who writes in English and in Hindi. His some of the books have already been published. Some music videos have also been made on his lyrics. He style of writing is different from other authors as he writes not only for the sake of writing but to give words his soulful feelings, so every time you read him, you will also feel that words written by him have come from very deep ocean of the soul of human emotions. Even there are reflections of vivid shades of reality which other recent authors missed out. He always finds hope, deep love and positive approach in the all situations. His originality and distinctive soulfulness make him apart from most of his contemporary authors.

Books Released

1. Fifty Shades of Love (Poetry) View Store
2. Meri Aashiqui (Poetry) View Store
3. The Don of Darbhanga - New York Connection (Fiction) View Store
4. Ram Manohar Lohia Aur Main - Lohia Ke Vicharo Ki Prasangikta (Non-Fiction) View Store

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