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Kuthuru Srikanth Reddy

Kuthuru Srikanth Reddy is a 23 years old young author, born in Karimnagar, Telangana, completed Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Marathwada agriculture university Maharashtra. Currently he is working in agriculture based multinational company in Hyderabad. This book is first work as an author and this novel is an outcome of his deep thoughts and imagination. He is a true believer of "The law of KARMA" and believe that everything change with time. His bad experiences in childhood and difficult situations which he was faced in his life directly TURN him muted but indirectly teaches "The law of KARMA" He was stayed in Maharashtra for four years to complete his studies during this emotional journey he was exposed to "Different culture" "Different traditions" "Different kind of people” and completely different environment when compared to his home town environment, all this things makes him unique and unbeatable personality and motivated him to write a beautiful Novel called So what..! Again, I'm in love "A planned story of UN planned guy"

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