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Lav Kumar

Lav Kumar is a person with a passion for words and a thirst for knowledge. A person with, for lack of a better term, different antics that has caused discomfort for a few. He is not a believer in religion or any other faith-based system. The primary motivation for him when he writes is the possibility of a dialogue. He is a casual social media commenter with absolutely no history of any formal writing. It is not all for rants and complains but to discuss feasible solutions to the issues as well. Of course, this is not the real identity of the author, merely a pseudonym. It is to maintain a certain level of anonymity. Privacy and freedom go hand in hand. Ever since childhood, he has had exposure to both the regressive and the progressive thought processes in the society. As any free thinker, it is possible to persuade him to change his views on issues after a constructive discussion.

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1. I shall Rule India (Non-Fiction) View Store

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