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Madhu Inath

Madhu Inath was born in 1963 at Pullukadu, Kerala, India, as the second son (first daughter Vigneswary died) of Sarasamma, the grand daughter of Pullukadu Perera Perumal Shasthrikal, a Social reformer and Linguist. He studied at govt:U.P.S, Kuzhivila, govt: H.S, Kulathoor and M., Trivandrum. Pattom Sukumaran, a famous rhetorician in Kerala (one of states Of India) understood his growing talent in English literature, thereby he inspired and helped him to publish his first book "YOKE" in 1986. He has composed hundreds of poems also ba sed on many subjects. He is talented in law, sociology, psychology, political science, history, philosophy and science. He was attracted by the eternal speech and magnetic argument ma de by Dr: B.R.Ambedkar, the father of Indian democracy, before King George v in the first, second and third round table conference run in England in 1930,31,32, that speech created the strongest waves of ideas in author’s mind to become an Indo-Anglian Epicist. He married Mohana Latha in 2006,thus he has a son named Nidra Inath and a daughter named Maurya. But unfortunately his first son died at its seventh month in the womb. His daughter Maurya has been studying in the second standard at govt: U.P.S,Nilakkamukku,Thiruvananthapur am.

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