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Manisha Mishra

I am a 15-year-old teenager who like any teenager has myriad dreams, while most of them might be pointless and quite surreal, one of them was this very book. Since the mere age of 7, keeping diaries was one of my most time-killing hobbies and I would generally not share this for the risk of triggering the scarred memories of a lot of people, it seems like a very cool hobby to pursue. Despite the utter nonsense I used to fill the modish pages of my diary with, I could tell by the rush that surged through me while turning to a new page that writing could be my 'thing'. When I was a child, my self-esteem confined my capabilities to a very belittling nothing, so, growing up, I had desperately coveted the motivation I got from my friends, parents and teachers to not only pen down my thoughts assertively but to build a steadfast and likeable personality. I am very thankful for (I'd like to say) talent of writing because it serves as a helping hand for the witty comebacks I constantly practice burning my sister and friends. To get through everything in life, I either turn to writing or music. Music is a huge part of my life. While sometimes I jam to some cliché 1D or 5SOS, I also listen to exquisite artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Sufjan Stevens, and Oasis. To find liberation in something you love is beautiful and I have found my freedom.

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