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Monica Sanadhay

Monica Sanadhay is an author, poetess and storyteller. She loves to read and write. Born in UP, India in 1981, Monica got introduced to Romanticism in English poetry through reading Shakespeare, Keats, Donne, Shelley and William Wordsworth apparently her most favorite poet ever since she understood the meaning of poetry. At the age of 19 she herself started writing poetry, short stories and fiction. Her passion for writing would have remained buried unless her father's inspiration would persuade her to take the final move to live her lifetime dream. This is however her first collection of love poems, quotes and pictures soon to be followed by mythological fiction of love, valor and wisdom inspired by the teachings of her favourite book 'The Holy Gita'. Monica is an impassioned slave to her dreams and always emphasizes to make them come true. Everyone has dreams and then begins the life. A busy and hectic life may lessen the flame of your dreams, but don't let the fire go out completely of your heart and passion. A few hours a week has to be your dream time with your favourite coffee mug in your hand. Those who kill their dreams, also kill a bit of themselves. Never make that mistake of compromise. Brew the life! Stay alive!

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1. The Divine Love (Poetry) View Store

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