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Nagendra Mohan Shukla

The Poet of this book Nagendra 'Mohan' Shukla is a native of Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh. Presently he is serving as Head of Department and lecturer-Hindi at Gen BC Joshi Army Public School Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Having inclination towards writing since his childhood, the author has usually made love and affection as the central emotion in his writings. The author beautifully portrays the union and separation in love as well as the aspects of spiritual love. Sometimes he has reached such depths of separation that it fills the reader with mercy and agony. Apart from love, some of his compositions as 'Gajals', also seem to have a tint of spiritualism. 'Mohan' has also been able to touch the hearts of the readers feeling the reality of some social issues through his imaginations. Some of his poems are beautiful expressions of nature inspired by the picturesque glory of the mountains where he lives at present. This collection of poems 'Tanhaiyon Ki Shaam', by 'Mohan' which literally means an evening of solitude, proves to be a worthy companion of the reader during solitude. peaple have seen many of Mohan's poems, songs and gajals on his YouTube channel named as -NAGENDRA MOHAN SHUKLA. There one can witness the depth of love, the anguish of separation and also the pleasure and elation of union. Some of his compositions also portray the secular nature of human beings. In the horizon of poetry, the poems by Nagendra 'Mohan' Shukla seem to provide the readers a fresh and novel feeling of love and affection.

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