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N A Khan

N.A Khan was born in the Indian city of Hyderabad and brought up in the United Arab Emirates. He is currently a college student studying Bachelors of Chemical engineering and is in his final year. An avid reader of novels and short stories since the age of eight with horror, mystery and sci-fi being his favorite genre, he decided one fine day to write his own book. Along with being a writer and reader, he is an energetic sportsman and athlete, with football or soccer being his passion. "A Dark Past" is his very first book, which he has written with immense passion, creativity as well as dedication. He believes that the key to success and victory in life is nothing but 'passion', because when you have passion, dedication and determination walk in automatically making every job or work a cake walk. He sincerely hopes that the readers would read his diligently devoted work, and hopefully appreciate his debut book. Following the book, he plans to write and publish many more novels or short stories of varying genres in future.

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1. A Dark Past - It Comes To Haunt (Fiction) View Store

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