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Namrata Mehrotra

The Author is a subject matter expert in Psychology. Originally her career was limited to Business Management but now she is a committed writer and spiritual counsellor. This is the first compilation of her writings although she writes a number of blog posts too. She is also a poet and is basically a spiritual writer. Through this book, the author wishes to share her thoughts pertaining to the spiritual journey called life. She conveys the simplest ways to attain the chorus of the body and to keep the soul in a state of energetic symphony. Having had early experiences of spiritual awakening, the author wishes to share the same so that the readers may benefit from them. For her, this is the purpose of her life whereby she finds transcendence through writings and wants to help others realise the true meaning of their incarnation.

Books Released

1. The Chorus of the body The Symphony of the Soul (Non-Fiction) View Store

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