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Parmeshwar Vishwakarma

Author is a post graduate in social work with specialization in medical and psychiatric social work. Who is working for number of years as a counsellor in a medical college. He interacts and counsel the patients suffering for HIV/AIDS. Thousands of PLHIV has been benefited and they are now living their normal life after counselling. People living with HIV & AIDS faces the problem of discrimination from family and society that creates the stigma in mind which forces the people to the situation of mental disorder, depression, frustration & other medical unfitness's. Counselling plays a very important role for healthy living of the PLHIV's and peoples who are in doubtful conditions also. Many myths related to HIV/AIDS diversify the youth to wrong side of Life. Purpose of the author's life to give a new idea to help the society free from problems, because today HIV is a big problems in this world, I try to focus this and aware to all by real experiences. How to live happy life? How to find your goals? How mental energy can be found? The author has tried to solve this. This is the first step to fulfil this objective by my first book.

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1. H. I. V. / AIDS Ye Kaisa Dar? (Non-Fiction) View Store

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