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Ramamoorthy P N

I am P.N.Ramamoorthy, 67 years of experienced Indian National, Representing a country of rich human values as well as deeply rooted religious liberty with vast majority of brilliant youth populations which have inherited the rich values of their great as well as excellently and also exceptionally talented fore-fathers and I am also is not an exception and I can't neglect our traditionally rooted human values of our great RISHIS of our beloved India and where ever we go and work, we are taking our values with us and we are well known for our reputation of offering our services to the entire humanity of our present as well as past generations and I am with my deep rooted values of truth and honesty is supposed to do my beneficial service for my lovely readers of this globe by writing books in which I am planning to help my lovely readers to groom their lovely lives by impacting standard life giving guidance by my own way of gained experience and my readers have to experience by themselves the matter which I am presenting through my books and this is possible because I am not creating any new concepts but I am emphasizing the importance to build our lives only upon strongly laid foundations of our GOD AND GOD FATHERS' guiding principles!

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