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P Prashant

Author is native from Agra and present living in behind Madhya Pradesh. Always fond of discussion in social and political subjects/belief. In the guidance of dr. R.A Sharma the author completed his graduation and post-graduation. The author is the owner of a complex personality having peaceful and escaping attitude. The author got his philanthropists nature from his birth place Agra. Author also fond of composing political, religious, affection and humor. Author believes that the situation and circumstances are the true teacher of mankind, man changes his attitudes towards them and by them man knows something new. Other books from author-a collection of poetry-ishq wala sahar collection of love Story-Agra ishq social short story collection-i am thinking about this.

Books Released

1. Professor Ram - One Day with Lord Ram (Fiction) View Store
2. I am Thinking About This - Hindustan Kisi Ki Jagir Nahin (Fiction) View Store
3. Ishq is Very Simple - Adhunik Prem Kahaniyan (Fiction) View Store

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