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Pradeep B. Muzoomdar

Pradeep B. Muzoomdar is a big time follower of Vivekananda Vedanta Society. Inspired by Vedanta philosophy he studied and practiced the teachings of several spiritual institutions, such as Vedanta society, Self-Realization Fellowship, Vipassana meditation, Art of Living, Brahamakumari, ISKCON, Nichiren Buddhism, Science of spirituality, IONS, etc.. After three decades of in-depth research he decided to summarize all his spiritual wisdom into a simple book, ‘Married Monk’. He trusts, from the bottom of his heart, that this book will help millions of people to live happily. At a very early age Pradeep realized the futility of being religious; and efficacy of being spiritual. In search of The Supreme Reality, he took three spiritual initiations from adept Gurus. He read hundreds of books, listened to tons of audios, and attended great number of spiritual retreats to learn and experience the real meaning of life, and how to make it peaceful. After 30 years of his exploration he concluded that five most important factors of happiness in life are to be yourself, be simple, be in present, be positive, and be free! His selfless desire of sharing this secret with the world is the result of publishing, Married Monk. Besides working in Information Technology, Pradeep is also a Personal Trainer of Self-Development, Yoga, and Spirituality. Pradeep is Founder and Trustee of a Non-Profit Charitable organization, Uthistaa Bhumi Ashram Trust (UBAT). Pradeep lives with his wife and son in Chicago. He is also very passionate about Numerology; and helped many people with their numbers.

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