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Prajwal Dhande

New generation author, mastered in emphasize of the realities of the life to the peoples so that they will think correctly in way better for their own self. Representation of the truth through the imaginative stories in a humourous and easy way is main skill the writer writes his the books. Author is just 18 year old who tried to express his view acceptable to every human experience from his writing. The author not only intends to correct the ideas on various aspects but also comes with the solution to the confusion of the life itself. Author firmly believe that we should have a vision to contribute to the society rather than entangling yourself into the unnecessary illusion so that we should able to contribute to this nation altogether. Author is do not restrict the writing only to few peoples but writing is being made an correct way to think so that peoples themselves will have mind with all the positivity to live happiness with every aspect of the life. Thank you.

Books Released

1. Sodh Navya Viswacha Bhag 1 (Fiction) View Store

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