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Pramila Kushwaha

My name is Pramila Kushwaha,my nickname is Sakshi. I was born on September 28th 1999 (17 years old). This year I have completed my class 12th and will pursue my further education. Earlier I was not having much confidence on myself , some strange things happened in my life and because of it whatever confidence was left within me I lost that also. But after one year I realised that I am Coward at heart and this is not going to help me up in my future, this thinking changed me and brought confidence in me. I was a silent type girl even I was scared to speak up on the stage in school assemblies but I realised that of these students can speak then why I can't. And now, I am confident in my abilities and yeh I want to be rewarded for my efforts. I'm someone who is consistently growing and who takes the time to continue learning. I'm modest but realistic. I am someone who looks at where I can improve. Once I have defined the benchmarks, I take the necessary steps to achieve those milestones. My motto in life is "Hard work", determination and passion to your work will always lead you in life

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