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Squadron Leader Pravin Bhatia

Squadron Leader (Dr) Pravin Bhatia is a renowned international author. More than 150 books written by him have been published and distributed throughout the world. He specializes in English language and literature. For the last few years he has concentrated on improving the standard of education in the world. He has so far trained six million students throughout India. The marks of these students have doubled and their learning time has been reduced to half. Seven international books have so far been published on education by him. Nine more books will be published within the next few months. The author has linked the ideas of constructivism and creative education with learning of the students in the classroom. It makes learning fun and helps the students to become intelligent and creative. The book in your hand explains, in a very simple and comprehensive manner, how education can be taken to very high levels of understanding and quality of life.

Books Released

1. Dr R D Mohotas Constructivist Education (Non-Fiction) View Store

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