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Prem P. Bhalla

Educated in Dehra Dun and New Delhi, Prem P. Bhalla enjoys reading, photography and travelling, having toured widely in India and abroad. A farmer, a businessman and an author, he is involved with several social welfare and educational institutions. He has been involved with the Rotary Movement for over 50 years. Mr. Bhalla is deeply interested in the welfare of the young generation of today and has been has been addressing them on personality and career development. Leading publishers of India have published more than 40 books authored by him on Self-development, Personality Development and Hinduism. His books have been translated to Hindi, Urdu and Turkish. His important books on Hinduism include: Hindu Rites, Rituals, Customs and Traditions, Hindu Gods and Goddesses, The Story of Sri Ram, Gems from the Ramcharitmanas, Seven Steps to Self-realisation, Glory of Sri Ram, Maa The Universal Mother.

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1. ABC of Hinduism (Academic) View Store
2. Maa - The Universal Mother (Academic) View Store

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