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Pritis C Majumdar

Pritis C Majumdar is a Mechanical Engineer and served Indian Railways in various responsible posts of Manager and Engineer. He, thus had to stay in many states of India. He had interests in studying the wonderful characters of human beings ever met throughout his working life. His practical experiences in addition to his formal educations in post-graduate management degree (MBA) with specialization in Human Resources Management (HRM) and M.A in Political Science enriched his knowledge to understand the people better. Besides, he has got praiseworthy creative writings in electronic media on various topics right from politics, railways and others published in He is a Citizen Journalist (C.J) of He studied the villagers with his insight, particularly the women of all communities in respect of their family relations, poverty, sufferings due to social taboos, religious fatwas, forced divorce & separation, incest and other sexual abuse etc. He, thus, became provoked to write "Love in Crisis'' a contemporary novel for empowerment of women. His main interest is reading and creative writings. His one of the many achievements is a non-fiction book "How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life" available both in paperback and eBook at and its associates including His recent published a Young Adult thriller book in Bengali,"Eto Chokranto Victoria Memorialey" and launched in Kolkata International Book Fair, 2015.

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1. Love in Crisis - Terror of the Terrorists (Fiction) View Store

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