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Rajat Sinha

An Engineer and a passion for literature and paved the way for it. He writes for some pages in the form of snippets. He is always passionate about debates and anything that relates to communication. All he wanted and waited was for his story to come real. He did find one and thought of dedicating this to the love of his life. IT IS ALL IN US is his first project and is a love story of a two beautiful soul who lost their relationship because of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. He decides to make out the reader believe that there is nothing called region or caste that can make your love look weak. He wants to prove that when people say forever they really mean it. Through this, he wants to bring out the fact that men do have emotions. Men do cry and men do feel it. A story of every other guy nowadays has been shown in this novel. His upcoming venture is a short story and the title is "25 Sleepless Nights". Is life all about gain and loss or it is something way beyond it ? What are sufferings then ? Is it necessary to suffer in order to get something ? Well, he still wasn't aware of the meaning of life and then he decided to write on his dream project "THE THREE SINS OF LIFE ". He wants to see himself as an entrepreneur and is looking forward to being one by doing MBA from a reputed college.

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1. It Is All in Us - Because Some Love Stories Live Forever (Fiction) View Store

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