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Rajneesh Kumar Gupta

Dr Rajneesh Kumar Gupta is a distinguished Indian Classical performer and composer renowned for his creativity and deep passion for The Art Form. He has been continuously composing orchestra music that has been warmly received throughout professional world. While processing stylistically distinct sound. Dr Rajneesh's music has been known to explore and incorporate different genres including Indian Classical Instrumental, Vocal and Light music. He has composed numeral pieces of orchestra. One of his best Presentation was in 2003 at "Siri fort auditorium, New Delhi", where in 18 different instruments were played by 235 students devotedly nurtured by him, since then "AAROH MUSICAL GROUP" has been performing at various places in Delhi from time to time. He has received rave reviews for his performances— "Soul Stirring" "Mesmerizing" and has strived to enrich the Cultural, Spiritual and Social tapestry through Music in the World. He was born in the snowy laps of The Himalayas in Solan (H.P.). He did his Graduation from Government College Shimla (H.P. Univ). He holds a Doctorate degree in Sitar from Delhi Univ. He has struggled enough to cement his feet in the field of music of his own. From there he got the inspiration and motivation to open his own musical group under the name of "Aaroh Musical Group", so that he can make the music available at ease to the struggling music aspirers. He aspires to pass on this priceless treasure of rich art traditions to the next generation in this book "Music -The Diet of Soul".

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