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Ranjay Kumar

My name is Ranjay Kumar, born on 25th February 1982 in "Gaya" district of "Bihar" state in a middle class family. I have completed my graduation in commerce from 'Gaya college' and also completed my diploma in computer from NIIT. From childhood itself I have been on the path of finding the truth and even today I continue to do the same. Being a thinker and philosopher, I always wanted to know the truth about human life, nature, universe, soul and God? And thus, I always had an increased inclination for spirituality, meditation, yoga etc. Along with being a writer I am also an actor. I have worked in more than 50 television serials, ad films and also in movies and continue to do so. As a poet I have been penning down poems for various newspapers and as a philosopher and thinker showcase the truth of life to people through my thoughts. Also on how to make life worth living, I show the right direction to people through my new and modern thought process. I always loved to work in the service industry, so that I can always interact with the people and help them. The main motive to write this book is also – "for the welfare of the public" Since when I got sense of understanding, I have always contributed in every way for public welfare and will continue doing the same. Since March 2004, I am settled in Mumbai with my wife and son.

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1. Oorja Ka Srot (Fiction) View Store

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