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Rituraj Kumar

The author of this book, Rituraj Kumar was born in Buxar district of Bihar. He started his early education at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Buxar and is currently pursuing B.A. (Hons.) Hindi from Hindu College, University of Delhi. This is the first collection of his poems to be published. His main objective behind the publication of this book is to fulfil the urge of his audiences who would like to see the compositions of their favourite young poet reaching the maximum no. of people. Apart from poetry, Rituraj is equally interested in prose some of which has been published in magazines. Despite the natural attraction towards the theme of love at this young age, he has not reserved his ghazals and poems merely for praising 'Ishq' or the 'Mehbooba' but has also used his poetic gifts to expose the cruel realities and discrepancies of the contemporary society in his writings. Due to his equal affection towards both Hindi and Urdu, Rituraj has used 'Hindustani' (the language spoken and understood by all of us) as his medium of expression. In this collection, the language seems to be flowing in compatibility with the subject whether it be the tenderness of love or the harsh realities of our time.

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